About Winning Women

The Winning Women Ministry at Kingsway International Christian Centre fulfils an essential function within the church. Since its establishment in 1996, the ministry has consistently pressed towards its overall goal to challenge women to become the best that God has ordained them to be.

Headed by Pastor Yemisi Ashimolowo, the Resident Pastor of KICC (Headquarter church), the Winning Women ministry brings women together and aims to create a refreshing, renewal and re-focus to the vision of God's daughters, through the Spirit of Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Winning Women ministry’s mandate through fellowship, interactive seminars, counselling and mentoring, is for women to do exploits for the Lord as Ru th, Esther, Deborah and others did in biblical times.

The Vision

As 21st century woman our vision for every woman who comes into contact with the Winning Women ministry is to experience God in a new dimension, fully aware that when you encounter the joy releasing, barrier breaking power of excellence and be empowered to make a positive impact on your families, church, communities and world. Winning Women is open to women of all age groups and nationalities and backgrounds. This is reflected through our regular meetings for women from all walks of life. Currently, Winning Women meetings are held for:

• Mothers-in-Waiting (wives believing God for the fruit of the womb)
• Ladies-in-Waiting (single ladies)
• Successful Wives (married women)
• Senior Sisters (aged 50 and above)
• Annual general meetings

Our annual Winning Women Conference, held annually every November, has become a "must" for thousands of women in London and beyond, attracting guest speakers from the USA, Africa and Europe. The four-day event is now the second largest conference on KICC's corporate calendar.

Our Aim

Through Word-based preaching and teaching, we seek to:

Encourage women to have more confidence in what they can achieve through God’s power in order to reach their potential for Christ.

Help women to move beyond the personal, environmental and societal limitations to becoming winning women for Christ.

Help women to develop godly self-esteem and a God-glorifying confidence.

Help women feel successful and fulfilled whether married or single.

Encourage women to excel by challenging them to be focused and to be the best they can be.

Our Goal

It is our goal to:

Hold bi-monthly meeting covering topics of relevance to women and their challenges in today’s society.

Hold annual conferences that seek to empower women to reach their potential.

Work with other women’s groups and ministries to continue to share the Gospel

Help women to develop faith and belief in Jesus Christ.

Conceptualise and implement creative, social and educative opportunities for women to fellowship together, share the Word of God, encourage each other with testimonies and form productive partnerships.